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Remember when you were young and you HATED your freckles? I was once told to appreciate my freckles because I would one day turn them in for wrinkles.

If you grew up with freckles and now only have a faint remanence of them, you are probably only left with the look of uneven skin tone always feeling like you need to cake a bunch of foundation and concealer on to look normal.

Do You Look Longingly at Girls Who Run Out the Door With No Makeup?

With strategically placed freckles it turns those undesirable light brown sunspots into perfect little Sun Kisses. With the contrast that is created it turns aged uneven skin tone into youthful sun kissed skin.

Microbladed freckles are semi-permanent and can last up to 3 years before your body absorbs them. Most want to get touch ups once a year.

What to expect:
When you leave the first day, just like microbladed brows your freckles will be very dark. In about a week they will have softened and be very natural. The best freckle is the one who is mistaken for a real one!

Freckles – Pricing

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Just the Freckles


Know what you want?
If you already know exactly
what you want and where, you
probably only need one session
to get the desired look you are going for.

  • One Visit

Freckles + More Freckles


Easy does it…
For ones (like myself) that are more
cautious, and want the luxury of adding
a little at a time so as not to go overboard,
this may be a better option for you.

  • Touch up after 30 days
  • Option to add more freckles on touch-up visit