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Whether you suffer from Alopecia, thyroid disease, acute stress disorder, autoimmune disease, lupus, Hodgkin’s disease, Hashimoto’s disease, or any other disease that causes hair lossthere is a way to reclaim your confidence. You don’t have to avoid life anymore!

There are so many illnesses and disorders that get so much attention and rightly so. But too often hair loss is overlooked. Especially if it’s not due to a life threatening disease. What most people don’t realize is that for women and men hair loss can be crippling. In a time where Facebook and Instagram are so intertwined in our social lives, and are splattered with pictures of everyone’s best version of themselves, where even the most beautiful are photoshopped. Ones who suffer from hair loss struggle just to feel complete.

When microblading hit the scene the first person I thought of was someone I grew up with. She suffered from a disorder called Trichotillomania. It’s a disorder that compels one to pull their own hair out. I watched a beautiful teenage girl suffer everyday trying to fit in with no eyelashes or eyebrows. She was limited in everything she did, no swimming, no sweating, no physical activity because her brows could so easily be wiped off. Even a hug from someone taller than her was a source of anxiety because of fear of losing a brow. She hated her “one dimensional” look. She drew her eyebrows on every morning and even tho she knew me my entire life I was still never allowed to see her without her brows. She couldn’t do something as simple as answering the door in the morning as she had no brows when she woke up. I can remember watching her frantically looking for her brow pencil and knowing that if she didn’t find it she would not be leaving the house. She would isolate herself on a regular basis, depression naturally followed.

As for men, in many ways, dealing with the loss of their brows can be even worse. Most men don’t feel comfortable drawing on eyebrows as they feel like they look too feminine. So they have to make the choice between allowing part of their face to have a void or to appear “normal” from afar, they draw on their brows but still feel like everyone is staring, trying to figure out what’s different about them. They start to find themselves withdrawing from activities with family and friends, always making excuses as to why they “can’t make it”. Losing all their confidence, isolation is usually the “go to” in most cases.

Hair loss is not just a vanity issue.

When one has hair loss on the face, pieces of them are actually missing. Dealing with the effect of washing part of your face off each night is real and is totally misunderstood by most. You aren’t being vain, you simply want to feel complete.

Microblading can be the solution. It’s starts with taking the step make contact with someone who can help…


I create a NATURAL brow using measurements from your face.

My goal in most cases is to give you brows that nobody even notices.  If you have suffered from hair loss you understand why that is so valuable.

In the case that you want more drama and don’t mind people staring (just as long as they are staring because they are jealous) we can create a more dramatic look.

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