About Us

About Us

At Raising The Brow, we strive to be the best. All of our artists have been trained in both LA and NY for the purpose of bringing that high fashion look right here to Bellingham.

We have mastered the newest, most sought after looks and techniques, incorporating the traditional Chinese art giving you effortless perfection.

We use only the highest quality, all organic pigments to ensure the best results.

We are certified by AMA, licensed and insured.


About – Jessi

About Jessi

brow artist

I was one of those girls that over plucked in the 90s and have been suffering ever since with terrible sparce remnants of what used to be called eyebrows. I hated them and loathed being a slave to my brow pencil. I never liked the look of a solid tattooed brow, so that was never an option. When Microblading hit the scene, I was excited but still cautious. It was a tattoo on my face after all. I waited a while to see how this procedure would turn out and was pleasantly surprised to see how well it sustained. All the time I spent in the mornings and sometimes in the evening applying and reapplying my brows, not to mention all the time I opted out of going in the water at the beach and pool, as I did not want to be seen with no brows, the constant fear of getting a brow smudged or heaven forbid getting a brow wiped off while you’re out trying to enjoy an evening was miserable. Those days were over as I decided to take the plunge. It was one of the best decisions I’d ever made. It was so liberating!

After I was all healed I knew I wanted to impact people’s lives the way mine had just been impacted. I made a decision to get trained so I could make as many people feel as beautiful and care free as I now felt.

I didn’t just want to go to the closest, cheapest training academy. I searched for weeks, educating myself on the art of microblading, different strokes styles and techniques, what looks good and what doesn’t. I started researching academies, not limiting myself by cost or location. I am very competitive and I wanted to be the best. I want each hair stroke to be the best hair stroke I’ve ever placed. The same goes for all of my artists. It’s required that they all be trained and certified by the best and create beautiful brows every time. Together we are working to take Bellingham to the next level, one client at a time.

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